Jesus cured the lame, right?

So, for the past few weeks I have been hit over the head with several muses, all of whom tell me to get busy on this blog, and…which I promptly told to get lost.  I mean, I’ve been taking classes…and that pizza isn’t gonna eat itself, is it?  Not to mention my recent weekly excursions to various outdoor wonders. 


So far, I’ve gotta admit, I’ve been a pretty LAME blog mistress for the last little bit….but hey….so has Sophia (Sophia…I love you.) Granted, this thing was supposed to be pretty chill.  I mean, I havn’t checked spelling or had a really comprehensible theme in a while.  Nevertheless, being a lame blog-mistress was nowhere in my patriarchal blessing, so I figure, that can’t really be part of my destiny.  Hey, I mean, Jesus cured the lame, right? I’m not a lost completely lost cause, yet.


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