Children’s Book

I'm Glad 1Look!  A Book!I'm Glad 2

Boys play with trucks. Girls Don’t.

I'm Glad 3I'm Glad 5Boys are strong.  Girls are not strong.I'm Glad 6Boys are not beautiful.  Girls are beautiful.I'm Glad 4Boys are adventurous.  Girls cook stuff.

Boys are doctors.  Girls will never achieve that level of education.I'm Glad 7

Boys are policemen.  Girls tick off male drivers and get paid less.

Boys are successful, notable athletes.  Girls cheer them on from the sidelines.I'm Glad 8

Boys are pilots.  Girls will never work with such complicated equipment and must work lower-paying jobs, serving food to pilots.

Boys are heros.

I'm Glad 9 Girls are heroines.  (Wait…that’s not keeping with the theme of the book!)

Boys are Presidents.  Girls try to get pretty so presidents will marry them. (Ah, that’s better.)I'm Glad 10

Boys fix things.  Girls break things.

Boys can eat.  Girls cook things for boys to eat.I'm Glad 11

Boys invent things.  Girls use what boys invent.

Boys build houses.  Girls are entrapped by them.I'm Glad 12

Boys are grooms.  Girls are brides.

Boys protect their families.  Girls play with dolls.

I'm Glad 13

I’m glad you’re a girl!

I’m not so sure.



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  1. Pinto


  2. uftda!

    what year was that printed?

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