“The Soft Bigotry of Lowered Expectations”

Also, the soft bigotry of circular gender logic.

Take this recent BYU devotional, for example.

It essentially follows:

1.  Women, you shouldn’t think you are less than men.

2.  Why?  Because you can do things for men.

3.  And men, as we all know, are awesome.  After all, Jesus was a man, so there.

4.  Thusly, women should be happy because you are the thing created to fill in an apparent “hole” that all men have (who are, by the way, the real people in this metaphor while you are an object).  On top of that, women should be happy because they can do things for men!

To wit, I’ll leave you with the following: 

“Women have a sacred role in the purification and sanctification of men, said a member of the Quorum of the Seventy at Tuesday’s devotional.

Whether a mother, wife, sister or daughter, women have the divine nature to love others and the destiny to complete men, said Elder Glenn L. Pace.”

I’ll end this post by saying, in as calm a way as possible, that I am immensely hurt by this message.  I had hoped that we were making progress…but this makes it clear to me that an antiquated and backward-looking gender theology still dominates in the minds of even our most recent additions to the apostleship.

When?  When will we see the change come?



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4 responses to ““The Soft Bigotry of Lowered Expectations”

  1. Oh my.

    Pinto, I don’t know if I should be grateful or upset with you for pointing this out to me. Just that brief article was really painful to read.

    I probably beat this theme to death on my blog, but I really wish women were seen as people with inherent worth. Saying women have worth because they can help their husbands, or children, or other men (aka “real” people, the ones who will then go do the things that actually matter) is so diminishing. I want to be a real person, not complete one.

  2. C.

    There! This is the logical thread I was trying to explain to my co-workers (as to why the article disturbed me) and they came back with, “No, it was such a postive message about the role of women!”
    “You mean, that we’re divine hammers or screwdrivers, keeping something [a man] together that is supposed to stand on its own?”
    “Yes! Don’t you find that lovely?”
    “I find it insulting, begining to end.”
    “Oh, C. You just like to argue.”


  3. Pinto

    Thank you both! I feel less crazy now…

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