A little about us.

So, this blog was mostly created by me, jddaughter, so that my sister and I could have a place to write freely without the judgement and horror of some of our friends and without hurting the feelings of our conservative mother.

My sister writes a ton and edits her posts before publishing them.  I usually only get up the guts to write at around one in the morning, and I’m so happy to get anything down that I just publish it regardless of the state it’s in.

This blog has gone through long hiatuses, when we are just so tired of noticing the problems in life that we need a break.  Sometimes things will really ruffle my feathers and I’ll have this great post in my head that I’ll never write.  Sometimes I start writing a post, decide it’s not a good idea, and will not finish it.  That’s just the way it goes.

This is a secondary blog to both of us, and takes priority after our personal blogs.

This is me, jddaughter, and the random smiling girl who surfed with me that day. She was nice and invited me to her beer party, but I had to decline.

And this is Sophia, when she lived in Boston at graduate school...


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