Am I God’s Kryptonite?

"Sorry man. Your blessing would have been valid, but there was a girl there."

So, my roommate, Annie,  was getting a blessing from our Home Teachers, due to personal, social distress.  Mormon girls do that sometimes.  I tried to sneak out of the room at the appointed time, out of  general courtesy…you know?  Well, as I was leaving, she came up and stopped me. “Where do you think YOU’RE going!”

She wanted me to be in the room.  This isn’t a weird thing.  Annie likes to have her friends around her a lot.  She’s always wanted me in the room whenever she’s had a blessing.  I really should have seen it coming.

What I DIDN’T see coming happened next.

The Home Teacher, who I have judged to be the most conservative, turned to me and said “Would you like to be in the circle?  You can be in the circle, if you want?”

( This teaches me to judge people prematurely.)

My chin about hit the floor.

“YES! I would LOVE to! *looking at my roomate, but talking to noone in particular* You know that’s technically allowed right!”

Holy SNOT!  This was going to be the coolest thing ever!  The most inclusive blessing experience I’ve ever had in my entire life! I’ve never felt more included and less of a pariah! I walked up to my roommate, stood in the circle, about to put my hands on her head when my roommate did something….that I should have seen coming.

She laughed.  And then she said, looking highly weirded out and a little offended, “I would love the blessing, but I dunno about having a GIRL in the circle with me.”

I bounded back away from the circle,  a smile on my face and said “Then let’s get this show on the ROAD!”

My heart and soul slunk along on the floor after me a few seconds later.

Here’s the thing.  Because of the way we are trained to always seek blessings and any sort of  official religious contact with God ( personal contact is still ours through prayer.) through men, an intelligent woman would deduce that there is something about women which prevents messages and contact with God from functioning correctly.

I mean, what does she think we are?  God’s Kryptonite?

My roommate doesn’t think that my presence in the blessing circle sullies the whole thing because she’s dumb.  She thinks that because she is smart- and it makes perfect sense if you consider the messages she’s gotten her whole life.

“I would love the blessing, but I dunno about having a GIRL in the circle with me.”



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3 responses to “Am I God’s Kryptonite?

  1. That is crushing, I’m so sorry! But this does bring up the point that we only disagree with fundamentalism when we agree with the changes going on; the conservatism that resisted the change in allowing women to participate in and give blessings is often just another manifestation of the conservatism that didn’t want to give up polygamy.

    Good on that guy, though. Makes me consider why I don’t invite women to participate in blessings.

  2. I’m trolling through the posts I’ve missed the past few months. It makes me sad that Annie rejected your inclusion in the blessing. I am both surprised and (happy? confused? put to ease? frustrated? conflicted, apparently) that the home teacher invited you to join. I’ve never heard of that before. I’m definitely happy that he did so. The conflict comes from the rarity of the offer and Annie’s response.

    Did I tell you about the conversation I had with a professor while on INHUT? About women giving blessings, particularly blessings of healing? He said that as long as the woman didn’t invoke the priesthood, he thought she was fine even to use consecrated oil. I agreed, but I questioned the practicality. The day prior, when a student fell in the wilderness, if only women had been present, would she have requested a blessing? Would any of the women present have felt at ease offering a blessing?

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