Have you ever…

"Huaaaaalgh. Ugly attack."

Have you ever looked in the mirror or at a picture of yourself and not recognized it…in a bad way?

Happened to me today.  Holy Cow…

Wow, JD. Wow.



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3 responses to “Have you ever…

  1. jddaughter

    C! We have GOT to go walking more!

  2. I like to go running along the Provo Bench (Mountains) and the dike that wraps around the airport (Lake.) It’s been hard lately, though, because my running buddy and I no longer have the same schedules. bahhhhhhhh

    Also, since back from INHUT I’ve been eating horribly. I hate it. One of the reasons I’m staying home this weekend is so I can get back in a cooking schedule. arrrrrrrrh
    (pirate cooking, evidently.)

    Anyhow, if you’d like to join me on any of these ventures, just say the word.

  3. jddaughter

    Aww. Thanks Merinmel. It’s been too long already. Right now I’m stressed to the limit with all this starting teaching stuff (I’m discovering that having a competitive internship, in a competitive district [second only to Boston district in performance] in a competitive school is, like, a super grueling process. In FACT, I shouldn’t even be on right now, but I’ve always been the rebellious sort. In a few weeks/months/mental breakdowns, when I’ve got this under control, we shall hang again.

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