I will NOT self-destruct. No…no I won’t. ( an embarrassing public display of emotional compensation)

"Don't Mess!" ( This is an actual print of Florine of Burgundy- a military leader in the Crusades. You will notice that I try to use as many Gustave Dore prints as possible. This is because Gustave Dore is awesome.)

I’ve been feeling a little low (curled-up-in-my-bed-with-a-hopeless-vacant-look-low), so I’ve decided to take a cue from what is, most assuredly, my inner child…


… and give myself a motivational pep-talk.

You can do it JD!  You are an  able, capable and qualified, proficient!   You have years of successful training and experience! You are creative and ambitious.  You are competent.  You can rise to any occasion!

You have self control, and a positive attitude!  You can do ANYTHING GOOD!  When you get knocked down, you just get right back up.  You are a winner!  You learn from your experiences, and gain success.  You are responsible and well-rounded!

You can do anything you put your mind to!  You can focus and function in ANY situation, if you choose to!

You won’t let the system get you down!  AHHH! (cathartic primal scream…reserved for teachers who would much rather be blogging about social justice than jumping through educational hoops for over-privledged second-graders .  Much. Rather.)

You are NOT a bad person!  You will handle this with poise and grace and fortitude…because THAT’S WHO YOU ARE!

You are a doer!  You are a thinker!  You are classy (dangit!)!  So stop beating yourself up and wallowing in self doubt.  You are faaaaar too professional for that!  People are counting on you!


And I like my Alisons and my WHOLE HOUSE.  My whole house is great.



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2 responses to “I will NOT self-destruct. No…no I won’t. ( an embarrassing public display of emotional compensation)

  1. You are fantastic. You are a crusader for social justice. Those second graders won’t realize it, but they’re going to be more civically aware because they had *you* as a teacher! My second grade teacher was pretty amazingly rad, and she taught us about social justice simply by being and being alive. She also led seminar style discussions and let us watch reading rainbow (probably while she graded papers or gathered her sanity.) Ms. Buckley was amazing, and so are YOU!

  2. You can totally do this. And thanks for being an example of reaching out to people for support/opening up about vulnerabilities. I need to be better at that.

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