Why phone calls are not my chosen medium.

A true call.


*Ring Ring*

Me: Hello?

Emmeline: (silence)

Me: Hello?

Emmeline: (silence)….Hello?

Me: Hi!….(silence)

Emmeline: (silence)

Me: (silence)…Hi?

Emmeline: Hello.  (silence)

Me:  Um…..what is the reason for this call?

Emmeline: What?

Me: What is the reason for your call?

Emmeline: Are you drunk or something?

Me:….uuuuuuuuuuuuh….*looking both ways, confused*…….wouldn’t that be nice?

Emmeline: (Silence)

Me: Hello?

Emmeline: Hello?  Well, anyway- could you send the list of people who tell you they can come to the party to me, so I can get a count.

Me: Sure.

Emmeline: OK. (silence)

Me: OK….bye?



And this is why I stick to texting.



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3 responses to “Why phone calls are not my chosen medium.

  1. Emmeline

    That is not how the phone call ended and you know it. :). We had a thoroughly normal conversation after momentary lapses on your end in the ability to converse like a normal human being.

    • jddaughter

      Because…as we all know, inquiring after the reason for someone’s call is reserved only for the incoherently inebriated. 🙂

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