Vague vague vague vague…WHAT THE!

Yesterday I just found out what “female circumcision” actually means.

Holy mother of _____!  That’s the most terrible thing I’ve ever heard in my life. (And I’ve heard some pretty spectacularly terrible things!)

Who decided to call the removal of the clitoris “circumcision?”  That’s not even remotely close to the accepted definition of circumcision as regarding males.  I mean, up until yesterday female circumcision had been described to me as either the super-vague “mutilation of the female genitals” or the rather-incomplete “removal of the labia”—both of which are pretty terrible ——but not as terrible as completely removing the organ which gives women pleasure during sexual encounters.  What the freak. I mean, just when I thought you couldn’t sexually disempower women in any other way, people found one.

As if completely omitting any mention of the clitoris from sexual education classes wasn’t enough!  The fact that it is possible for a woman in a 1st world country to go her entire life without realizing that she was built to experience pleasure during sex is sick enough.  But complete clitoris surgical removal?  That means that someone actually took the time to figure out that women had a clitoris, that the clitoris created pleasure and then thought “You know what would be a good idea?  Completely removing that.”

Blows. My. Mind.

And then someone had the audacity to call that “CIRCUMCISION?”  That’s like calling having your intestines removed an “appendectomy.”

That’s like calling a kickboxing match a “tickle fight.”

So, from here on out why don’t we stop calling it female circumcision and start calling it the removal of the clitoris with additional genital mutilation?

And it really wouldn’t hurt to start teaching the existence of a clitoris in sexual education. It might avoid scenarios involving three 20-year-old college girls huddled around a computer screen staring at the perineum and reading wikipdeida together, curled up in our pajamas. “Whao.” “No way!” “Really?” “Go back!  Go back!  I didn’t finish reading that last part.”  “So….wait.  Where is that again?Oh. OH!”  “Well…that makes sense.”  “So, I guess you have to come at it from a certain angle?” “Why has NO ONE ever told us that before?” “We don’t even hear about this in like…crude movies.  None of the  boys in high school even mentioned this?”  “Maybe they don’t know either.”  “Hmmmm….maybe we should go back to diagram three.  It had clearer labels.”

Rocked. Our. Worlds.

"We have brought you the head of the person who thought that removing the clitoris from women and ignoring it in sexual education was a good idea." "Why....thank you, Brian, but that really wasn't necessary. We could just handle this with increased education and less vague language regarding these issues."



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3 responses to “Vague vague vague vague…WHAT THE!

  1. That is absolutely awful, of course, but the term circumcision is quite a euphemism itself–it literally means “cutting around”. But yeah, I didn’t know female circumcision involved removing the clitoris either. Oy oy oy the world is a messed up place.

    And where did you have sex ed? I’m trying to remember, but I’m pretty sure they taught us what a clitoris was in our sex ed class in Northern Virginia.

  2. jddaughter

    I had sex ed in the sixth and seventh grades in Japan, mostly designed to teach basic feminine hygiene to girls…and watch a film of a live birth.

    Sexual intercourse was mentioned, but very few practical specifics given besides pregnancy and STDs.

    I attended three high schools. None of them required Sexual education, or sexual education was taught in a year that I was not in attendance. Mostly I think the assumption was that I had already taken it at another school or that I would soon—though I did have several health classes- again with emphasis on birth control, and STDs. I don’t think the words “pleasure” or “clitoris” were spoken once.
    The idea, I think, was that sexual pleasure was an inappropriate topic to cover in a sex-ed class for highschoolers, when the emphasis was on promoting abstinence and, at the very least, avoiding pregnancy and STDs.
    I could blame my constant moving around, but judging from the conversations I’ve had with tons of other women my age…my experience is pretty common. Which is unsettling.

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