Wants vs. Needs

I want to write a really really angry post—and I don’t usually feel angry very much, which signals to me that I probably SHOULD NOT write the angry post, because emotions are fluid and anger is destructive, one-sided and impatient- which is really just a recipe for bad writing and a poorly devised lithification of unsteady beliefs – both of which will be regretted later.

That’s the thing…should I phase this blog out, because it’s half-hearted and much of what is written can and must be rethought and rethought and rethought and is in a constant flux?  Or, on the other hand, should I continue to use it as a place to hash, and possibly offend, and think out loud?

Should I phase in, or phase out?


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2 responses to “Wants vs. Needs

  1. C.

    I think you should do what you can. Keep it, but lose the blog guilt. You’re fabulous.

  2. I think u should let go and just write what u feel. i have this same dilemma myself on A LOT of occasions. I love what you write though and appreciate the honesty!

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